Fixed Fee Accountant Durham

Fixed Fee Services

Calculate what you will pay from the fee list below

Fixed fee services start at £99 for a self-assessment return.  Corporation tax returns start at £60 for a company with low turnover plus a £150 filing fee.

You will only be charged for the services you need.  Separate fees are charged for each specific service.  Please see the full breakdown below.

Individual Self Assessment Tax Returns

Self assessment tax return - £99

This is a for a basic tax return with PAYE income, dividend income, interest income or pensions.  There are additional fees if business accounts or property rental income calculations are needed .

Business Accounts Preparation
TurnoverFee Payable
£0 to £10,000£60
£10,000 to £20,000£120
£20,000 to £30,000£180
£30,000 to £40,000£240
£40,000 to £55,000£300
£55,000 to £70,000£360
£70,000 to £100,000£420
£100,000 to £130,000£480
£130,000 to £160,000£540
£160,000 to £200,000£600
£200,000 to £250,000£660
£250,000 to £300,000£720
£300,000 to £400,000£780

Turnover is calculated as gross sales including VAT.


Filing accounts with Companies House and Corporation Tax Return (CT600) - £150


Preparation and filing of partnership return - £50

VAT Returns
Annual TurnoverFee Payable Per Return
£0 to £100,000£100
£100,000 to £200,000£150
£200,000 to £400,000£200

The fee for preparing your VAT return is charged per return.  This means that if your business has an annual turnover of £95,000 and you are submitting quarterly returns then the fee would be £100 per quarter and therefore four quarters returns would be £400 for the year.

Rental Properties

Annual charge per property - £25

The fee for rental properties is charged annually per property included on your tax return.  The fee is in addition to the fee for your self-assessment tax return.  If you jointly own a property, the fee will only be charged once, i.e. each joint owner will not be charged a separate £25 fee.

Directors' Payroll

Annual charge per director - £60

The Directors' PAYE service is available if we are providing year end accounts or VAT services to you.

We also provide payroll services for any employees you may have.  Please see the separate fee schedule for this service.

In order to take advantage of personal tax allowances, directors' pay is normally in the form of a monthly salary.

Employee Payroll
Number of employeesPaid monthly
1 to 5£18.95
6 to 10£31.50
11 to 15£42.95
16 to 25£62.95

The prices for our payroll service are per payroll run, not per employee.

Workplace Pensions Charges
ServiceFee Payable
Registering employer with regulator (one off payment)£7.50
Registering employees with pension provider (on initial setup, one off charge)£15.00
Registering employees with pension provider (after initial setup, per employee)£2.50
Issuing employee notification letter (per employee)£2.50
Submitting pensions data to pensions provider (per payroll run)£7.50

Charge per hour - £25

Bookkeeping includes all data entry, bank statement reconciliation, supplier statement reconciliation and balance sheet reconciliations to ensure an accurate trial balance from which to prepare accounts.

We would aim to agree a fixed fee subject to periodic review depending on the volume of transactions to process and the completeness of paperwork provided.